Asia’s Resume Service is a Veteran Owned and Operated Business that is proud to be a Partner of  VetComm’s National Veteran Community.

Our hope is to help transitioning Veterans of all Armed Forces go out and get gainful employment immediately.

Our philosophy is simple, “Good Research, Great Resume, Grand Career!”

Don’t forget to Get Involved and Join VetComm’s Million Veterans Rated Mission!

When we all Get Involved, we can Help our Veteran Brothers & Sisters Nationally get their Disability Ratings and other Benefits that will help them, their families, and the entire National Veteran Community. Join VetComm’s Membership Today!

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  • Kate & Asia Interview

  • Resume Basics

  • Resume Types

  • Translating Skills

  • Finding a Career

  • 14 Things Successful Candidates Do the Night Before a Job Interview

  • Expert Job Interviews Tips

  • Use Mock Job Interviews to Land Your Dream Job

  • How to Build Your Military-to-Civilian Resume

  • 5 Tips for Veterans on How to Write a Federal Resume

  • Questions to Ask at the End of an Interview

  • ULTIMATE GUIDE: Top-10 Job Interview Questions & Answers