Access The Disability FAST-Pass™ Video Guide Now

And Start Collecting Your $152 to $3300+ Lifetime Tax-free Monthly Compensation in as Soon as 30 Days

This General Hereby ‘ORDERS’ You to Finish Enrolling NOW

So You Can “Get your rightful benefits, and move on with life…”

- MajGen Bob Dees (Ret), Valor Farm for Disabled Veterans

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"The VetCom Gold Membership is the reason I'm now collecting over $3,500 per month tax-free for life! I just spent a few minutes online with Kate's help, to receive a 100% VA disability rating in just over 30 days. I went almost TWENTY YEARS without knowing I could even qualify for ANY disability and then spent 2 long years with non-profits and lawyers. I'm now a very loyal Gold Member for life!"

You’re 3 Easy Steps from Receiving VA Disability Compensation
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STEP 1:   Finish enrolling on this page
STEP 2:   Watch the Disability Fast-Pass™ Video Guide (1-2 hours)
STEP 3:   Apply Online (30-40 Minutes, No Medical Records Required)

Then you could start collecting $152 to $3300+ /mo of lifetime tax-free compensation, in as soon as 30 days.

NOTE: You will ONLY receive back pay to the date of your application (not beyond), DO NOT WAIT... Apply TODAY!

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NO RISK 100% REFUND GUARANTEE: This is a 12-month Membership Subscription to use our guides to get your disability rating and other benefits. However, if you don’t receive AT LEAST a 10% initial VA disability rating or an increase of AT LEAST 10% of your current rating, within 12-months from your subscription date, AND you follow our Terms and Conditions, we will refund your membership fees minus the automatic monthly Charity Donations. (To date we've NEVER had anyone denied, that followed our guides and instructions, and doubt you will be our first.)

HELP US, HELP OTHERS: After your initial VetComm Membership expires, your membership will change to our Veteran Contributor Membership at a reduced $10/mon. to continue contributions to the Veteran Charities and other Veterans in need.

You will retain access to all your Veteran Benefits Guides, Courses, Resources, and have access to the future courses we will be adding for College Credits, Business, Self-Help, and others for the benefit of the entire Veteran Community.

We appreciate your patriotism, generosity, and desire to help us help other Veterans.

PAYMENT PROTECTION: Your monthly membership fee will NEVER increase as long as you are continuously subscribed.

See Terms and Conditions on VetComm's Website.

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Payment Methods


Nexus Letter Live Consult

Typically increases VA disability compensation by an avg of $1,000/mo or more, when applicable. 100% refundable if it doesn't get you more money.
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SSDI Claim Live Consult

Collect an additional $1,000 to $3,000/mo from the SSDI, under certain conditions, if you have not (or plan not to ) work for 12 months. 100% refundable, if you don't qualify to apply.

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Voc Rehab Live Consult

Receive a 100% tuition grant (up to $48,000) + $800/mo stipend for local in-person/online job training for disabled veterans to earn a B.S./B.A. or MBA degree. 100% refundable, if it's not needed.
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