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Individual Disability Compensation Claim Filing Services

Inflation Fighter 12-Installment Payments of $125 $97

( Original Price: $1,500 a 22% Discount! )

Quickly File Your Claim

Prepare Your Disability Compensation Claim in just a few hours.

Get Expert Filing Assistance

Our Claim Filing Experts will Review & apply Best Practices to Your Claim.

12 Months of Support

We help You for 12 Months to respond to the VA Denial/Appeal Process.

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Disability FASTEST-Pass™ Gold Services

How Our Gold Services Works:

STEP 1:   Finish Enrolling on this page
STEP 2:   Complete the Disability FAST-Pass™ Video Guide (Do Not File)
STEP 3:   Get Your Login & Schedule Your Claim Review.
STEP 4:   We File Your Claim Online Together.
STEP 5:   Attend All Your C&P Exams (follow the C&P Exams Guide)

NOTE: You will ONLY receive Compensation back pay to the date you filed your Disability Application. Every Day You Wait You Lose Compensation Income.

DISCLAIMER: By purchasing our Products and/or Services, you confirm that "YOU" understand the "Terms and Conditions" of our Products and Services. You understand and agree that VetComm's 12-Month Installment Plan is for a 12-Month Membership for our Gold Services AND Payments must be "received in total to qualify for our money-back guarantee". If our monthly installment plan is canceled prior to the receipt of the last installment payment, the money-back guarantee is VOID WITHOUT REFUND.

Major General Bob Dees Hereby "ORDERS" You to “Get your rightful benefits, and move on with life…”

Going through our Disability FASTEST-Pass™ Video Guide ensures You know what Disability Conditions You can claim and how to associate Your Service-Related Injuries with Your Selected Disability Conditions.

This Course is the Biggest Reason our Services Work to Get You Rated or Your Rating Increased.

Start Collecting Your up to $3300+ Lifetime Tax-free Monthly Income in as little as 30 Days from Your Filing Date!

Gold Services Member Testimonial:

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"The VetCom Gold Membership is the reason I'm now collecting over $3,500 per month tax-free for life! I just spent a few minutes online with Kate's help, to receive a 100% VA disability rating in just over 30 days. I went almost TWENTY YEARS without knowing I could even qualify for ANY disability and then spent 2 long years with non-profits and lawyers. I'm now a very loyal Gold Member for life!"

VetComm Services Veteran Testimonials

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Hi fellow Veterans, I am Kate Monroe

CEO of VetComm, Entrepreneur, Writer, Success Coach

Being a 100% Disabled Veteran myself, I know the joys and hardships of being in the Military, as well as, the difficulty Veterans have with the VA's Disability Compensation Process.

After individually helping 100s of individual Veterans through the Disability Claim Filing Process, I realized because of math, I would never be able to help the over 17 million unrated Veterans individually or even with a team of 100s of VSOs.

This is how was founded. I partnered with a Technology Firm and we created the Disability Fast-Pass™ Video Guides, Disability Libary Videos, and Workbooks to enable Veterans anywhere in the country to be able to file their Disability Claims themselves.

We added the Gold Services to assist Veterans who want or need individual assistance navigating the nuances of their individual Service-Related Injuries and help you avoid unnecessary Denials and then we will be there for you through the VA Appeal Process for a year. The Gold Service is the fast path to your rating and the least stress during the process.

If you are a veteran reading this, know that VetComm is for you to get rated or increase your rating. If you want to file and get the compensation you are owed for your service to our country, get rated today! All you have to do is follow our program and file.

There are zero reasons to not become the next VetComm Disability Rating Success Story!

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Payment Methods


Nexus Letter Live Consult

Typically increases VA disability compensation by an avg of $1,000/mo or more, when applicable. 100% refundable if it doesn't get you more money.
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SSDI Claim Live Consult

Collect an additional $1,000 to $3,000/mo from the SSDI, under certain conditions, if you have not (or plan not to ) work for 12 months. 100% refundable, if you don't qualify to apply.
[[9700 | currency]]

Voc Rehab Live Consult

Receive a 100% tuition grant (up to $48,000) + $800/mo stipend for local in-person/online job training for disabled veterans to earn a B.S./B.A. or MBA degree. 100% refundable, if it's not needed.
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